Negeri Fantasia is a journal of Soyuzno, to record all things he found on his journey to find and and pursue a long-fantasized wonderland.

Who is “he”, by the way?

Soyuzno is an digital creative director, where his capabilities involves everything from digital product design to print design to digital strategy.

In the past, he had been given the chance to work with so many respectful design agencies in Jakarta, Tokyo and Singapore, both full-time and freelance, such as Boleh Net, Ogilvy One, Information Architects, Tokyo Itoi, Afterglow, and others; designing wonderful experiences for all cli­ents and people across the world.

Now he runs a very tiny digital agency called provoactive.

“He” (again) as a human being

As a human being, he loves music. He plays guitar but not so good (actually, it’s awful). He loves movies. Action, thriller, and comedy are his favorite movies genre. CSI and ALIAS are his favourite TV series. He loves reading books as well.

He thought he is a superman, somehow.

Despite of his laziness, he is an ambitious man and a daydreamer. He would love to fly and touch the sun. He also has a dream to conquer the world.

He loves Jesus Christ and he always shows grateful to Him for all the blessing he received every single day.

You can read his somewhat famous blog when he was living in Japan here.